Les meilleurs tarifs web sont ici

The Regent hotel guarantee his customers the best web prices available on his website www.le-regent.fr

We guarantee that you will never find the same room (same date, same exposition, same numbers of persons) on another sales channel at a cheaper price than the one you will find on our website. The best web price available can have restriction (not to be canceled  non refundable, deposit) and should be compared to other prices presenting  the same restrictions. If you find cheaper on another support, with equal conditions, we will offer you 30 € valid on a lunch or diner in our restaurant (This amount will not be given on another way). The bookings coming from a contract payment rate, tour operator, packages, negociated prices on a long stay, special offers sent by mailing and stays like weekendesk and very last room will not be considered in this compartive offer. The client that has found cheaper price on another site wil be asked a confirmation number booking (reservation done and confirmation number), a printscreen of the website concerned and a printscreen of the booking conditionsform this website.  The reclamation will be sent to the hotel the Régent within 24 hours after the booking and at least 72 hours before his arrival to the hotel, with tha reclamation form below. Any recalamtion not respecting these conditions will not be taken care off.


2. best availability :

We do not propose for sail on the other internet portals the entirety of our rooms, please cal lus to know our real availability.


3. Best services :

In contacting us directly, you will be able to prepare your stay much better , your arrival and your departure in fonction of your needs and notthose of a  "robot"


4. easier cancelation :

our cancelation conditions are smoother on our wevbsiteor in calling us directly (than on other internet portals, Do not hesitate anymore.


5. citizen spirit :

The possible commissions you might pay  on a booking remain in France, it does not go to tax heavens, the VAT is collected and payed in france. When you call us directly no taxes will be charged, which gives us more flexibility for our staff salary and to renovate the hotel.


6.membership programm:

Please ask for our membership card, points will be credited to your account at any stay... these points willl not be credited if you do not book in direct.


7.Fairbooking :

The Fairbooking clients have the benefit of a 10 % discount on the room price. The code to givein the booking on line or by phone is FAIRBOOKING. To be able to get this priceyou will be sked a proof of your membership. It will not be possible to cumulate this offer with others.